Publications | References

Publications, Papers, Reports, Memos

  • 3600 Technical Summary – February, 1983
  • 3600 Microcode Compiler Specification
  • Patent 4,887,235 – Symbolic Language Data Processing System
  • Chaosnet (M.I.T. A.I. Lab Memo 628) – by David A. Moon
  • CONS (M.I.T. A.I. Lab Working Paper 88) – by Tom Knight
  • Lisp Machine Progress Report (M.I.T. A.I. Lab Memo 444) – by Alan Bawden, Richard Greenblatt, Jack Holloway, Thomas Knight, David Moon and Daniel Weinreb
  • CADR (M.I.T. A.I. Lab Memo 528) – by Thomas F. Knight, Jr., David A. Moon, Jack Holloway and Guy L. Steele, Jr.
  • Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution (Book) – by Steven Levy
  • Lisp Machine Manual (M.I.T. 6th Ed.) – by Richard M. Stallman, Daniel Weinreb, and David Moon
  • Optimizations in the Symbolics CLOS Implementation – by D. Scott Cyphers and David A. Moon
  • Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters – by Craig W. Reynolds
  • Flocks, Herds, and Schools: A Distributed Behavioral Model – by Craig Reynolds
  • Boids Background and Update – by Craig Reynolds
  • The Common Lisp Object System – An Overview
  • Lisp Machine Window System Manual (M.I.T. 1.1 Ed.) – by Richard Stallman, Daniel Weinreb, and David Moon
  • A Brief History of Lisp Machines – by Dave Dyer
  • If It Works It’s Not AI – by Eve M. PhillipsThe Lisp Machine (M.I.T. A.I. Lab Working Paper 79) – by Richard Greenblatt

Web References

  • Lisp Machine – Wikipedia Reference
  • Symbolics – Wikipedia Reference
  • Tom Knight – Wikipedia Reference
  • Bill Gosper – Wikipedia Reference
  • Russell Noftsker – Wikipedia Reference
  • Story of the Lisp Machine Wars – by Richard M. Stallman
  • – Women in Business (Ilene Lang reference)
  • Wired News – Pentagon Alters LifeLog Project (Howard E. Shrobe quote)
  • VFX World- A Little History on Previsualization (Craig Reynolds reference)
  • Dr. Dobbs Portal – AI vs. UI? Which Way to Smarter Software? (Symbolics Reference)
The Symbolics Lisp Machine Museum memorializes the Symbolics Lisp Machine (LispM) and the company that developed and manufactured it, Symbolics. Thank you for visiting.