Mike McMahon – A Guide For Sending Email, Part 3

Proposed Symbolics Guidelines for Mail Messages
Author: Mike McMahon
Date: April 13, 1984

This exchange between Eric Weaver and Mike McMahon ensued:

Date: Friday, 13 April 1984, 20:07-EST
From: Mike McMahon
Subject: Mail Style Addendum
To: Eric Weaver

…..Date: Monday, 2 April 1984, 22:41-PST
…..From: Eric Weaver
…..Send messages calling for fonts not available
…..to the recipient(s). This can (in the case of
…..Zmail) totally disable the user’s machine and
…..mail system for up to a whole day in some

Trivialize a user’s bug report by pointing out
that it was fixed independently long ago in a
system that hasn’t been released yet.

—-further suggestions along these lines welcomed.—-

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